My name is Khames.

Interior Designer 

Here at KHAMES.COM, I love to share my favorite interior design ideas, inspirational quotes, and stories about travel & photography throughout the world. I believe that art and design should be a part of everyday life and sharing it with others is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

I hope you enjoy your stay here!

Interior Design

Interior Design has always been something that I love doing, and there is nothing like doing what you love.

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Before & After photo comparison for a project designed by me. 

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes to Inspire Your Day

The best words of wisdom


Photography is a mode of understanding, feeling, and expression. It helps us to store our priceless memories and recall the happiest moments long time after we may have forgotten everything else.

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Why we LOVE
Interior Design

We all love to be surrounded by things that we love. Whether it’s artwork, photographs, or furniture, we want our surroundings to reflect who we are and what we care about. People love interior design because it is a way for them to express their personality and uniqueness. Interior design is the art and science of making spaces look beautiful, and with the right skills and creativity, we can transform any space into a heaven.

if you're reading this right now, I hope something good happens to you today.

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