Wood Flooring Types and Overview

Wood flooring types are varying based flooring components, styles, colors, cuts, and species. Overall, wood flooring is any flooring manufactured from timber, either structural or aesthetic. Natural wood flooring includes both hardwood and softwood flooring, while artificial wood flooring includes laminate flooring. Natural wood flooring is divided into softwood and hardwood. Softwood is rarely used […]

Free Stock Photos For Interior Designers & Decorators

free stock photos

Free stock photos are pictures that are available for people to use on their websites or social media. They can be downloaded from many different sources, and most of them are free of charge. Free Stock Photos If you’re looking to build your interior design website or  start your digital marketing campaign and do not […]

Parquet flooring and All You Need to Know About Parquet.

Parquet flooring was used in France starting in the early 1700s. The word “parquet” itself originated from the French term “parquetry,” which means “small compartment.” Parquet is an elegant type of flooring as it adds a dramatic design effect to any space. It was the favorite floor for many years and reached its peak during the […]

Thoth is the Egyptian God of Writing, Magic, and Wisdom.

Thoth is always my answer when friends asking me about the meaning of my stamp. In fact, I made the design as an abstract of that Egyptian famous god. Thoth Mostly, his name was taken by the kings of Egypt such as the famous king Tutankhamun & Tuthmoses. His worship began in Upper Egypt, and […]

What is interior design?

What is interior design? When you think of interior design, what comes to mind? The color schemes, the furniture placement, or maybe even how clean your home feels. Interior design is the art of arranging the inside of a building to meet the needs of its occupants. It can be designing both commercial spaces or […]

Interior Design Career

Interior design career is vary since the education in interior design provides professional with opportunities in an almost endless variety of fields and specialties. Acoustic design: Planning the sound-reflecting and absorbing qualities of an interior through the shape of the space and through specified finishes and materials. Theater design will incorporate acoustics. Adaptive reuse: The […]