Wood Flooring Buyer’s Guide: Solid, Engineered & Laminate.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is an elegant style of flooring. With its warm appeal and classy look, it always adds a natural touch of timeless beauty to any home. According to the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) “Eighty percent of homeowners believe that wood floors add the most value to their home.” In this guide, we will […]

Bamboo Flooring Review: Pros & Cons

Bamboo flooring is technically a grass plant and not a tree. However, it behaves like wood flooring since it is harder and more water resistant than most hardwoods. It grows to harvesting size in approximately five years and reaches around 6-10 meters height depending on species. Bamboo strands are glued together in order to form […]

Hardwood Flooring FAQ And All The Answers You Need.

When it comes to hardwood flooring, several questions may come to mind. Here you will find answers for the most commonly asked questions about hardwood flooring. What is hardwood flooring? Hardwood flooring is a natural wood flooring. In general, natural wood is divided into softwood and hardwood. Softwood is not suitable for flooring, while hardwood […]

What is Laminate Flooring? And Is Laminate Right For You?

Laminate flooring was first produced in 1977 by a Swedish company and sold under the brand name Pergo. In 1984, its marketing started in Europe, and in the United States in 1994. Nowadays, laminate flooring is used all over the world, and has significantly grown in popularity due to its huge advantages. Hereafter, we will […]

Wood Flooring Types and Overview

Wood flooring types are varying based flooring components, styles, colors, cuts, and species. Overall, wood flooring is any flooring manufactured from timber, either structural or aesthetic. Natural wood flooring includes both hardwood and softwood flooring, while artificial wood flooring includes laminate flooring. Natural wood flooring is divided into softwood and hardwood. Softwood is rarely used […]

Parquet flooring and All You Need to Know About Parquet.

Parquet flooring was used in France starting in the early 1700s. The word “parquet” itself originated from the French term “parquetry,” which means “small compartment.” Parquet is an elegant type of flooring as it adds a dramatic design effect to any space. It was the favorite floor for many years and reached its peak during the […]